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Welcome! The Feldman lab is interested in exploring correlated electronic states and topological phenomena that emerge in nanoscale quantum materials and devices. We use a variety of tools ranging from transport measurements to scanning probe microscopy to study these effects from both a local and global perspective. Please see the research section for more detail about our interests and tools.


May 2024 - Twist-decoupled magic-angle graphene and monolayer graphene
Congratulations to Jesse, Yifan, and all our collaborators on the publication of the paper, Uncovering the spin ordering in magic-angle graphene via edge state equilibration in Nature Communications!

April 2024 - Mapping the topological phase diagram of twisted homobilayer WSe2
Congratulations to Ben, Carlos, and all our collaborators on the publication of the paper, Mapping twist-tuned multiband topology in bilayer WSe2 in Science!

March 2024 - Commissioning of a fast-turnaround dry dilution refrigerator scanning probe microscope
Congratulations to Yifan, Jiachen, Yuwen, Jesse, and all our collaborators on the publication of the paper, Characterization of two fast-turnaround dry dilution refrigerators for scanning probe microscopy! We look forward to upcoming scanning SET and other measurements at ultra-low temperatures.

Fall 2023 - Welcome Yuwen, Jinwoo, and Hephzibah!
We are excited to have you as new postdoc/graduate students in the group!

October 2023 - Imaging spin skyrmions and thermodynamically gapped correlated insulators in magic-angle graphene
Congratulations to Jiachen, Ben, and all our collaborators on the publication of the paper, Spin skyrmion gaps as signatures of strong-coupling insulators in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene, highlighted as an editor's suggestion in Nature Communications!

September 2023 - Competing electron solids and topological fluids in the moiré atomic limit
Congratulations to Carlos, Jiachen, and all our collaborators on the publication of the paper, Hofstadter states and re-entrant charge order in a semiconductor moiré lattice and an associated Research Briefing in Nature Physics!

May 2023 - Congratulations Jiachen!
Congratulations to Jiachen on a successful PhD defense! Jiachen is the first student to graduate from the lab and has done a tremendous job during his PhD. We look forward to the summer and wish you the best as a PCCM fellow next fall in Princeton!

April 2023 - Novel ground states and kinetic magnetism in twisted WSe2 multilayers
Congratulations to Ben, Jiachen, and all our collaborators on the publication of the paper, Tunable spin and valley excitations of correlated insulators in Γ-valley moiré bands in Nature Materials!

March 2023 - NSF CAREER Award
Ben received an NSF CAREER grant for study of tunable correlated states and interlayer interactions in twisted van der Waals heterostructures. We look forward to this exciting project!

January 2023 - PCCM fellowship
Congratulations to Jiachen for being awarded a prestigious Princeton Center for Complex Materials Postdoctoral Fellowship!

August 2022 - Q-FARM fellowship
Congratulations to Jesse on receiving a Q-FARM PhD fellowship!

April 2022 - First paper published from the lab!
Congratulations to Jiachen, Ben, and all our collaborators on the publication of their paper, Correlated Hofstadter spectrum and flavour phase diagram in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene in Nature Physics! It is the first paper from the lab, and we hope many more will follow.

September 2021 - Welcome, Yifan
Welcome to Yifan Li, the newest graduate student in the group!

September 2019 - Welcome, Ben
We're happy to welcome Ben Foutty as a graduate student in the group!

Summer 2019 - Welcome, Connor
Connor Cremers is a freshman at Stanford and the latest member to join our group as a summer undergraduate. Welcome!

April 15, 2019 - Almost there...
Happily, lab construction has commenced again after a lengthy permitting delay and we should be up and running soon! Can't wait to unpack these crates.

February 19, 2019 - Sloan Research Fellowship
Ben was selected as a Sloan recipient. We'll be working to study strongly correlated and topological phases in van der Waals heterostructures. Thanks to the Sloan Foundation for your generous support!

November 15, 2018 - Terman Scholar
Ben was awarded a Terman Fellowship. We aim to investigate 2D quantum spin Hall insulators with a local scanned probe and work toward engineering Majorana modes in these systems. Thanks to the Terman Fund for supporting our work!

September 2018 - Welcome, Jesse and Carlos
We're happy to have Jesse Hoke and Carlos Kometter on board as the newest two graduate students in the group!

Summer 2018 - Welcome, Alec
Alec Lau is an engineering physics major at Stanford and will be spending the summer designing and building a custom setup to fabricate SET tips. Hoping for a great summer undergraduate experience!

September 2018 - EPiQS Young Investigator Network
Thank you very much to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for providing funding to reprise the EPiQS Postdoctoral Symposium in 2018 and 2019 as part of the Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems program! As part of the same effort, we're also working to build up a more closely knit network of graduate students and postdocs in the Bay and Boston areas, respectively.

April 2018 - Welcome, Jiachen
Jiachen Yu is the first graduate student to join the group. Looking forward to lots of fun and exciting physics once we set up the lab!